Disney World’s Flight of Passage -Top Questions Answered

The most popular ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and I dare say, my favorite ride of all time. Disney World’s Flight of Passage in the Animal Kingdom park can experience serious wait times, and the last thing you want to do is waste any of your valuable vacation time. So, we’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions, and we’ve got the answers for you here to help you plan your touring time at Animal Kingdom. If you have a question about Flight of Passage at Disney that hasn’t been answered, please leave it in the comments below and we’ll do are best to get it answered for you.

Navi bust in Pandora

1. What is the Flight of Passage ride at Disney?

Located in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, the Flight of Passage ride at Disney is a 3D immersive experience that takes the rider on a, “flight of passage” upon a banshee as would be experienced by the Navi in the movie Avatar by James Cameron. You’ll experience dips and drops as you soar through the Valley of Mo’ara in Pandora, high in the sky. For a detailed description including accessibility information and a pictorial overview, check out our Flight of Passage page here.

Pandora plant life along Flight of Passage queue.

2. Does Flight of Passage have a single rider line?

Flight of Passage does not have a designated single rider line. Once you have gone through the majority of the queue and are inside of the military bunker, single riders will be selected out of the line to fill empty spaces in groups as they head into the pre-show.

3. Is there a weight limit for Flight of Passage?

While there is not a published weight limit for Flight of Passage, there is a notice that due to the seating and restraints utilized in the attraction, guests of certain shapes or sizes may not be able to ride. There is a test seat available outside of the ride entrance that will allow you to check your comfort level prior to waiting in the queue. 

Flight of Passage ride vehicles

4. Does Flight of Passage make you sick?

If you are prone to motion sickness, especially with 3D or virtual reality simulations, then Flight of Passage might make you sick. Disney safety precautions advise against experiencing this attraction if you suffer from motion sickness . Personally, I take an over the counter preventative prior to riding so that I can still enjoy this attraction without the problem that I tend to be prone to. That being said, you don’t want to ruin the rest of your day at the park either. I have had riders tell me that they are prone to motion sickness, but that Flight of Passage did not affect them, and I have had riders tell me that they are not prone to motion sickness, but Flight of Passage made them queasy. You know you best, so you’ll want to decide accordingly.

5. Is Flight of Passage like Soarin?

In some small ways, one might say that Flight of Passage is like Soarin. I would say that it goes way, way beyond the experience of Soarin though. In Soarin, you are presented with what I would describe as a kind of POV showing of a hang-glider’s experience with the added effects of your chair being up in the air, experiencing the wind, mist, and smells. In Flight of Passage, you have the same surrounding screen, only it is now truly 3D, along with those added effects, and you are feeling all the bumps and turns as the creature you are riding moves. Flight of Passage also immerses you in a way that you are not so obviously aware of the people around you (unless you make it a point to look at them), but you feel as if you are having your own experience. This is not the case with Soarin where you have not only the person(s) directly next to you but there are usually feet dangling just within your line of sight as well.

Disney World's Flight of Passage queue waterfall

6. Can you ride Flight of Passage pregnant?

Disney’s safety guidelines advise against riding Flight of passage while pregnant. This would be a matter that I would absolutely advise checking with your physician about.

7. Is Flight of Passage worth the wait?

Whether or not Flight of Passage is worth the wait is a question that would require a lot of information about your circumstances prior to then weighing the pros and cons. Beginning with, how long of a wait you would consider to be a burden? Do you have more than one day to spend at Animal Kingdom? Will you be in the heat of the mid-afternoon with restless youngsters? However, I am also of the opinion that Flight of Passage is the best ride, currently, in all of Disney World. So there is a lot to be weighed. You may be of the mindset that you have traveled all this way, so you don’t intend on missing out on this experience. You could flip that and be of the mindset that you have traveled all this way, so you don’t intend on spending half your day at one attraction.

My advice is always this, if you can’t get a fastpass for this attraction, and you don’t want to skip it, get to the park before it opens and make a beeline for Flight of Passage so that your wait time will be minimized. Now, given the present circumstances due to the reduced capacity of the parks, the wait times thus far, have been insignificant. I would expect this to continue to trend back up closer to the previous norms as people once again begin to venture out and about.

These are just some of the most frequently asked questions about Disney World’s Flight of Passage. If you have a question that was not addressed, please ask us in the comments below and we will do our best to find you the most accurate information possible.

Happy planning!

Luminescent Plants in Pandora at the Animal Kingdom